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"YUZZ Jóvenes con ideas"

VIWEL Lens participate in YUZZ young entrepreneur program. Follow up some information about it:

YUZZ Jóvenes con Ideas YUZZ Sant Cugat SC Trade Center CISE Centro Internacional Santander Emprendimiento

  • June 2016: YUZZ 2016 center's winners.

Congratulations to Carles Rubio and Andreu Enfedaque, YUZZ Sant Cugat's winners with their project PumpIT Nanotech, winning a travel to Silicon Valley. Congratulations also to Cristina Oliva and Clàudia Pedrerol for YUZZ Mujer award of Sant Cugat with their project Hintech, and to Joan Gutiérrez for Fintech award of Sant Cugat with his project Neptune Ring.

All them will participate in final country awards in the end of this year. You can look the full article at the YUZZ blog [ here ]

  • May 2016: #YuzzDay event. Congratulations to Andrea Aguilella (YUZZ Santiago) with her project Enelatril, winner of #EsteEsMiPitch.

Congratulations also to finalists from YUZZ Universitat de València and Murcia, and also Terrassa, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Castelló, Barakaldo, Málaga, Cartagena and Palma.

  • April 2016: Winners of YUZZ Sant Cugat video pitch #EsteEsMiPitch, selected for the YUZZ national challenge

1st Winner: PUMPIT

2nd Winner: WAVEE

View the complete list of videos selected for the YUZZ national challenge [ here ]

  • February 2016: Promotional video of YUZZ Sant Cugat center