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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Senior AR-OS developer

1 Senior Augmented Reality Operating System developer.
Position: developer & CTO co-founder
Location: near Barcelona
Reference: 2017/1-D

We need almost 1 more senior developer for 3D AiR operating system.

Developers will get some company actions for their job before getting investors, and they'll be part of the founding team.

Technical skills wanted:
Augmented Reality, Android UI, Operating Systems internals, Virtual Reality, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, 3D modelling, 3D games...

Personal skills wanted:
Willing to learn, enthusiasm for innovation, teamwork, fluent in English and Catalan/Spanish...

We need someone who have enough technical skills to follow developing requirements, with a young and enthusiastic point of view. He/she will be part of founder team to get investors, to give his/her ideas to product development, and to help senior developers.

Interested? Send us your CV with the reference on the subject: jobsATviwelDOTnet