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Monday, 11 February 2019

Augmented Reality OS developer

Augmented Reality OS developer.
Position: developer & CTO co-founder
Location: Barcelona area
Reference: 1902AR

VIWEL Lens is a new concept of AiR Smart Glasses (Augmented interactive Reality). That's not a little project, and before the launch of our startup we need a Founder Team able to manage all the key knowledge and coordinate all internal and external developers needed.

Challenges with skills needed:

- 1902AR: Build a 3D operating system in Augmented Reality
- 1902DB: Build a big database and integrate with a new idea of Application
- 1902App: Build an integration for classic Applications, and help their developers build in our system

Being part of our team:

- We'll have some tasks to do, where you could participate as many as you're interested or you need it: product final definition, search for investors, teams definition and selection processes, acceleration and coaching programs... We already have a Business Plan, a talented team, and many contacts that helped and will help our startup be a reality.
- Enthusiasm for innovation and keep learning is part of our team and project.
- An international product means English language it's important. But also we value local costumers and resources to start growing up our business in Barcelona. That means living near Barcelona it's also important, and knowing Catalan and Spanish language it's valuable.
- Growing a new business means working many hours before getting the investor to get payed. Also a compromise to keep business know-how and secrets that value our product. The way we plan satisfy both is giving some company actions as reward of this dedication.

Interested? Send us your CV: (show [[email protected]] email...)